‘AIRBAGS’ is first and foremost a research work linking the notion of tension through science and contemporary art. By mixing narratives, rational theses and theoretical texts, the ‘AIRBAGS’ project examines both ontology and sustainability in the sphere of art as well as its potential scientific schematic representation linked to defined works. The associations of images that I used are made by personal analogy. The combination of these different sources creates a personal, singular and hybrid object that aims to convey a sense of questioning and surprise.

The scientific iconography comes from a thesis named “Study and modeling of the cyclic behavior of Shape Memory Alloys” by Luc Saint-Sulpice.
The other images come from Google (he was one of my best friend during the quarantine).
Photography by @gabilincoln

Pages: 368
Size: 220×310×50mm
Cover: vermillong ink screenprinted on yellow slipcase, laser engraving on PMMA Plexiglas® slipcase and digital printing
Papers: Novatech white satin 100g and Olin bulk 80g
Typefaces: Franklin Gothic URW (URW Type Foundry), JJannon (Optimo) and Apple Garamond  (Apple)
Printing: digital