‘A, B, C... MARQUEZ !’ is the thesis that completes my 5th years of study in master graphic design specializing in typography. In this book, our discourse is centered around the question ‘What is the status of typography in a brand identity?’. We study wich way the typographic typeface can be an identity element of a brand; to what extent it transmits or not, the values of the brand, according to its design or its uses, as a command, redesign or use of an already existing typeface. We are fortunate to have exchanged in person with Cléo Charuet, Karl Saffré, Christophe Badani, Matthieu Cortat, Violaine & Jérémy and Aaron Levin. These various interviews allowed us to support our reflection and our discourse in order to push as far as possible certain fundamental questions to our discipline. All this analysis, where texts and visuals are present in profusion, is transcribed in an editorial object that takes the form of an archive file.
(collaborative work with Liana Korios & Lou Rainaldo)

Pages: 212
Size: 185×250×12mm
Cover: black ink screenprinted on natural cardboard
Papers: Edixion white offset 70g & Bengali grey 80g Typefaces: Telegraf (Pangram Pangram), Louize display (205tf) and Cousine (Google font)
Printing: digital